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Sustainable Building

While many may be building a beautiful home for today, we insist on thinking ahead, where is the future of this industry going and how can this information help you as a homeowner. Imminent updates are coming to the Ontario building code that will force new homes to be more energy-efficient and while it may cost more to build initially, the lower cost of energy projects substantial savings to come. A few green building methods can turn your energy consuming home to a renewable energy haven. These ideas may still be very new and overwhelming for many homeowners, however at Rovimat Group we want to help educate you with any questions, worries or doubts you may have.

Rising Energy Costs

Energy costs are constantly on the rise, so does it surprise you that water prices are expected to increase 24% by 2017?

November 1st marks the official date of increased electricity prices as well as a rate hike that is expected to push up the average household hydro bill by 3.4 percent.
This next hike projects that the on-peak price of electricity has jumped 77 percent since Smart Meters became common practice five years ago.

If we look back to November 2010, your electrical usage was 9.9 cents/kWh, which made the average monthly bill about $100 per month. The typical household will shell out roughly $31 more per month this year.

Green Building Methods

Grey Water Systems are designed to recycle gently used water from your showers and tub/showers that can then be used as toilet flushing water.

Power-Stack Pipes are an all copper, double walled heat exchanger that efficiently restore heat from wastewater and use it to warm incoming cold water

High-Velocity Hydronic Systems when properly designed and installed ensure unsurpassed comfort, energy efficiency and design versatility for space heating and cooling of homes.

Innovative Insulation Methods are being thought out from initial design to insulate your home in the most efficient and effective way. Some of our methods include sheeting that wraps the home exterior and moisture barrier using areas of 2lb spray foam in conjunction with mineral insulation. We can create a perfectly an efficient better than code, insulated home at par costs to existing code.

Solar Panels using a hybrid solar inverter and battery offer our homeowners an option to use industry leading technology. This system is optimized for energy management and cost saving performance.