That dream renovation you’ve always wanted doesn’t have to stay a dream! Our experienced team can help you get your thoughts onto paper and then into reality. Give your home some love with a Rovimat renovation.

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Renovations Big and Small

Are you looking to renovate your new space or flip an old house? Could it be those cold washroom tiles or maybe it’s that old unfinished basement that’s now become a hoarding haven? With Rovimat, you have found a team that you can trust to deliver any job. We don’t believe that any job is too small or that any project is too ambitious. With a fully certified and insured team, we are highly qualified and eager to take on any new projects. Our contracts are clear and precisely detailed to help you understand why and what you are paying for every step of the way.

Our designs push boundaries and will satisfy any style preferences. Whether you are a traditionalist or modernist, we can provide various design options that will be a centerpiece of your home. At Rovimat, we have plenty of sustainable building options to bring your home into the 21st century and save you money while helping the environment.

Full Renovation

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Before a hammer is even swung we take the required time to ensure you are 100% comfortable with the design and decisions you’ve made.
We take great pride in knowing that the majority of our jobs come from customer referrals and we will do what it takes to keep our satisfied homeowners continue this trend.
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